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Friday 20 May 2016

Navigate to another page on value change event of ADF input component

Recently I have seen a thread on OTN forum in that user want to navigate from one page to another on valueChangeListener of input component.

First Method-
This is a simple piece of code to perform navigation to specific page , Use it in ValueChangeListener directly

 FacesContext facesContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
 facesContext.getApplication().getNavigationHandler().handleNavigation(facesContext, null, "controlFlowName");

Second Method-
ValueChangeListener fires when value of input component changes but it is not meant for navigation, For navigation we use buttons and links with Action property
But for this requirement we have to be a bit tricky, We can queue button Action on value change listener of inputText to navigate to another page
Now first value change listener will be executed and then it'll queue button action to execute and as final outcome user will be able to navigate

Thursday 19 March 2015

ADF Basics: Disable user input in af:inputListOfValues

Sometimes we need to disable user input in input Lov as there is requirement of selecting value only from Lov popup

By default af:inputListOfValues provides feature to select value from popup or type a value as input

To disable user input there is a property -EditMode
From Oracle Docs-

editMode String Yes Valid Values: input, select

the mode that controls how the user specifies a value. This attribute is only applicable when the 'readOnly' attribute is set to false.
  • input: this mode allows the user to type in a value as well as browse and select from a list of available values.
  • select: this mode allows the user only to browse and select from a list of available values.

Set it's value to select
Happy Learning , Thanks :)

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Disabling keyboard input in af:inputDate, restrict user to use calendar only - Oracle ADF

hello all,
this tutorial is about a requirement of restricting user to enter date through calendar only in ADF application
this trick was posted by Frank Nimphius (ADF Code Corner)

  • Drop a af:inputDate component on page from component pallete

  • Now set its background color so that it looks like disabled field

  • Now to make it's input field disable, we have to write a small javascript function, copy this function and paste in your page source (XML)

  • <af:resource type="javascript">
              function enableCalendarOnly(evt) {

  • Now drop a af:clientListener under af:inputDate component to invoke javascript

  • Now set properties in af:clientListener as Method & Type

  •  Now run your page and see that input field is disabled for date component , now value can be selected using calendar only

 Cheers - Happy Learning :-)

Monday 13 January 2014

Cool Feature- Using 'Placeholder' to set watermark hint on empty input fields in ADF/Jdeveloper 12C

Hello All,
This post talks about a very cool feature , introduced in ADF/Jdeveloper 12C.
Sometimes we need to set some hint on input fields as you can see in facebook sign up form, all fields are self descriptive

So now we can do that in ADF faces easily , in 12C there is a property named 'Placeholder' to define hint for empty fields
You can see in below form (ADF Faces)-

See the xml source of this simple form-

 <af:panelFormLayout id="pfl1">
                    <f:facet name="footer"/>
                    <af:inputText label="Country" id="it1" placeholder="Enter Country Name"
                    <af:inputDate label="Date" id="id1" placeholder="Select Date"
                    <af:inputListOfValues label="Country" popupTitle="Search and Result Dialog" id="ilov1"
                                          placeholder="Select Country" contentStyle="width:200px;color:red;"/>
                    <af:inputComboboxListOfValues label="Country" popupTitle="Search and Result Dialog" id="iclov1"
                                                  placeholder="Select Country" contentStyle="width:200px;color:red;"/>
                    <af:inputNumberSpinbox label="Value" id="ins1" placeholder="Enter Or Select"

Cheers :-)