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Thursday 16 February 2017

Post to Facebook Page Wall using restfb Graph API in ADF & Java

This is next post working with Facebook Graph API series, Previously I have posted about gettting access token and use it to get Facebook Profile detail and Posting status on your Facebook Timeline using restfb Facebook Graph API

Go through previous posts for better understanding of this blog post

Saturday 11 February 2017

Post Status on Facebook Timeline using restfb Graph API in ADF & Java

Hello All

Previous post was about generating temporary access token and using it get Facebook profile detail usinf restfb Graph API , Go through previous post before this as graph api basics are described in that post

Now In this post I am talking about posting facebook status update so for this I am extending same sample application

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Get Facebook profile detail using restfb Graph API in Java & ADF

Facebook is most popular social networking sites now a days and influencing our life in all aspect. Facebook gives us option to use it's Graph API to access it's features programmatically, The Graph API is primary way to read and write to facebook social graph using Access Tokens

In this post I am talking about how to access Facebook profile detail using restfb graph API . So First we need to know about Acsess Tokens

Sunday 5 February 2017

Change live application language/resource in Oracle ADF, Change XML Resource file at runtime

Hello All

I have posted about using external XML file as List resource bundle earlier , the aim of resource file is to read application static text from some source so that we can change that without compiling and redeploying application

Next requirement is to change application language , sometimes we need support multiple langauge in ADF application and it requires change in all static text so for this I am going to use separate XML resource file for different language and in this post I'll show that how to update resource file in a live running application

Wednesday 1 February 2017

Export ViewObject data to PDF file using Apache PDFBox

Hello All
Hope you all are doing well :)

This post is about exporting view object data in a pdf file directly from af:table , export to excel is built in feature of ADF but exporting data in PDF requires little bit of extra effort
So here for this requirement I am using Apache PDFBox library , previously I have posted about using this API to create PDF file from text data
I know many of you will not visit that link ;) So a quick overview