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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Change Style of ADF TreeTable, Column, Data Cell, Selected Row using ADF Skin

Hello Everyone

In this tutorial, We'll learn to change look n feel of ADF tree table component using Oracle ADF Skin
Here I am using Departments and Employees table HR Schema to prepare the model and created tree Table using view link between Departments and Employees View Object

Monday, 16 April 2018

Increase Icon size of af:panelSpringBoard using ADF Skin

ADF Faces af:panelSpringBoard component shows af:showDetailItem in a fancy view using icons as the notation of showDetailItem

From Oracle Docs

The panelSpringboard control can be used to display a group of contents that belongs to a showDetailItem. An icon strip with icons representing the showDetailItem children along with the item's contents are displayed when in strip mode, and a grid of icons with no contents shown is displayed in grid mode. When the user selects an icon while the panelSpringboard is in strip mode, the panelSpringboard discloses the associated showDetailItem. When the user selects an icon while the panelSpringboard is in grid mode, this automatically causes the panelSpringboard to display in strip mode. Typically you would put one or more showDetailItem components inside of the panelSpringboard but you may also alternatively place a facetRef, group, iterator, or switcher inside of the panelSpringboard as long as these wrappers provide showDetailItem components as a result of their execution

I have added a panel springboard on the page and by default, it looks like this

Monday, 9 April 2018

PL/SQL Function

PL/SQL Function is same as PL/SQL Procedure, The only difference is that function must return a value and a procedure may or may not return a value