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Saturday, 3 June 2017

oracle.jbo.domain.DataCreationException: JBO-25009 while using multiple selection component in ADF Faces

Previously I have posted about using multi-selection components (af:selectManyCheckbox, af:selectManyChoice, af:selectManyListbox, af:selectManyShuttle) of ADF Faces. These components make use of list binding and work on base attribute and display attribute concept

Access JAX-WS WebService from Java Class using Web Service Proxy in Jdeveloper

Web Service proxy class is a way to communicate with XML-based WebService using SOAP format,
In short, we can use service proxy class at client to access WebService

In JDeveloper IDE we can easily create client proxy class for WebService, Here in this post I am creating client proxy class to access a JAX-WS web service that I have created in previous blog post

Create POJO based JAX-WS WebService easily with Jdeveloper 12.1.3

Let's see how to implement this

Monday, 22 May 2017

Populate select one choice using Web Service Data Control in ADF Application

My previous post was about creating a JAX-WS Web Service from Java Bean and consuming web service and showing data in ADF table. Now In this post, I am going to elaborate about consuming that Web Service in ADF Application and show Employees data in selectOneChoice component

So for this requirement, We need to use Web Service Data Control and from that WSDL we can create ADF Faces components

Let's see how to implement this