Saturday, 21 November 2015

New look of dvt:funnelChart for Data Visualization in Jdeveloper

A couple of weeks ago Oracle Jdeveloper and ADF team released new version of Jdevloper 12.2.1 with many cool features
New funnel chart (<dvt:funnelChart>) is introduced instead of funnel graph (<dvt:funnelGraph>)
Old funnel graph looks like this-

Funnel chart is used to show visual distribution of different steps of any cycle
What docs says-

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

ADF Basics: Using f:attribute to pass parameter in ActionEvent

f:attribute tag (JSF Tag supported in ADF Faces) is used to pass some additional attribute value to associated component
Sometimes using f:attribute simplify a complex piece of code, this tag has very simple structure. It has two properties

name- Name of tag attribute
value- Value or an EL reference of value

Here in this post we will see how to use this tag with ADF Faces, I am using Departments table of HR Schema and requirement is to delete departments with attribute DepartmentId  greater than 100

Friday, 30 October 2015

Read data from Google Spreadsheet without authentication using Java

Google Spreadsheets provides a way to create, edit, save spreadsheets online.
The Google Sheets API (formerly called the Google Spreadsheets API) lets you develop client applications that read and modify worksheets and data in Google Sheets.
Read More about Sheets API

Let's see how to use this API to read data from Spreadsheet, here i am going to use Spreadsheet version 3.0 , if this link doesn't work then check on GitHub , from here you will get  client library for all Google APIs

Friday, 23 October 2015

Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF 12c ( out (bug fixed and lots of new features introduced)

Time to check new Jdeveloper 12.2.1 , Wait is over Check out new features :)
Download- Oracle JDeveloper 12g (

1. Alta UI is now default skin for all ADF Faces components , previously it was Skyros
Read more about Oracle Alta UI Design Patterns

4. In Data Visualization some change done in Pie Chart and Thematic Map. New component NBox and funnel chart is introduced

Monday, 19 October 2015

Get domain information (WHOIS) using Apache Commons Net API- ADF & Java

We can get any domain information using Apache commons net library. It supports various protocols and WHOIS information is one of them

WhoisClient class provides access of domain information
See what docs says -

The WhoisClient class implements the client side of the Internet Whois Protocol defined in RFC 954. To query a host you create a WhoisClient instance, connect to the host, query the host, and finally disconnect from the host. If the whois service you want to query is on a non-standard port, connect to the host at that port.

Download required library or if this link doesn't work then goto API page and download from there

This simple java method will fetch information of domain using Apache library