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Monday, 20 March 2017

ADF Basics: Tip for not showing record in dependent lov

Hello All

Recently I have seen a question on OTN forum - Question on cascading LOV

It was about cascading lovs in ADF
Suppose we have 2 dependent LOVs and requirement is that 2nd lov should not show any data until first one is selected , this is very simple and common use case but for beginners it's a tedious task

So I thought to write it here to help others

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Fetch Tweets of a User using Twitter4J API and show in af:table in ADF & Java

In the previous blogs we learned about posting tweets on twitter timeline using Twitter4J API and sending direct meaages to followers using same API

This post is next in the series and about fetching a user tweets and showing in ADF Table , For this requirement we need to use same Consumer Key+ Secret and Access Token+Secret (Refer previous posts for this)

And In same way after authentication we can fetch a user tweets by using it's twitter handle. So for this requirement I have added a button to fetch tweets and a POJO based table to show fetched tweets in page

See the code to fetch tweets using user's twitter handle and it's retweets and favourites count, We can get tweets by passing page number as parameter and it returns a list of tweets

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Send Direct Message to followers using Twiter4J API in Oracle ADF and Java

My previous post was about tweeting using Twitter4J API from Oracle ADF Application . Twitter4J is a Java API that simplifies accessting twitter features in our application easily

In this I am going to show how to send DM (Direct Message) to anyone using their twitter handle and for this we need to use same consumer key, secret and access token, secret (How to access all these is described in previous post)