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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

ADF Basics: Filter ViewObject data using getFilteredRows and RowQualifier

Sometimes we need to get filtered data from ViewObject using one or multiple conditions,
Though this is the very basic of framework yet new developers find it confusing.

There are two ways of filtering ViewObject

 1. In this we apply WHERE clause on ViewObject and it affects resultSet data, Suppose we have Department ViewObject and we want to see data of DepartmentId 4 on page after filtering, for this viewCritera, bind variables comes in action
ADF Basics: Apply and Change WHERE Clause of ViewObject at runtime programmatically

2. In this user want to get filtered data (Rows) in code only without any effect on ViewObject resultSet (page data), Here I am discussing this point

We can get filtered data from view object using two methods-

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Add new row and copy existing row to HTML table using JavaScript

Hello All

This post is about adding new row in HTML table using form entry or copy existing row to table using javascript

So here I have created a HTML page, added a form, two buttons, and a table on page and it looks like this

Monday, 17 July 2017

Reinitialise taskFlow in dynamic region and set focus to default activity

Hello All

We all use bounded task flows in ADF application development and to switch between multiple task flows we use concept of dynamic region

Recently I came across a problem about dynamic region and bounded task flows, Scenario is like this

I have dropped a BTF in dynamic region and there is a link on page to open that task flow and those who have used dynamic region would be familiar with this piece of code