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Thursday, 19 March 2015

ADF Basics: Disable user input in af:inputListOfValues

Sometimes we need to disable user input in input Lov as there is requirement of selecting value only from Lov popup

By default af:inputListOfValues provides feature to select value from popup or type a value as input

To disable user input there is a property -EditMode
From Oracle Docs-

editMode String Yes Valid Values: input, select

the mode that controls how the user specifies a value. This attribute is only applicable when the 'readOnly' attribute is set to false.
  • input: this mode allows the user to type in a value as well as browse and select from a list of available values.
  • select: this mode allows the user only to browse and select from a list of available values.

Set it's value to select
Happy Learning , Thanks :)

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