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Tuesday 14 May 2013

Using Contextual Event in Oracle ADF (Region Communication)

Contextual event ,in simple terms is a way to communicate between taskflows.
Sometimes we have taskflow open in a region and have to get some values from that taskflow .
This scenario can be achieved by contextual event.

Contextual Event have two parts-
  1. Publisher Event (Producer)- As button or any component that can raise event 
  2. Handler Event (Customer)- that listens and process event published by producer
This tutorial is based on example developed on default HR schema of Oracle DB 11g
I have created two application and called first one in secod application as region.
  • Create first application using Department table of HR schema and drag Department Name on page fragment, now create publisher event (follow steps) for Department Name .
  • Select Department Name field in structure window and go to property Inspector select ContextualEvent
    click on green add icon and select event type and name for publisher event

  • Select field value from Iterator Binding
  • here you are done with publisher event or producer create a jar of this application in order to use it in second application.
  • Now start Second Application that will handle and process this event, create a page and put an output text and set its value from managed bean

  • Now create a event handler class to process published event and to make it available to page binding level , we have to create DataControl for this class.

  • Right click on event class and Click on CreateDataControl.
  • Now add this method binding to page so that it can be accessible from page binding
  • Now drag and drop taskflow from jar library on page as region by this published event will also be available to page
  • Now go to page binding and goto ContextualEvents tab ,click on subscribers tab and click on add icon this will open a popup window ,click on search button , it will show available publisher event, now select event and goto handler search option and select function that you have previously added in page binding
  • Give consumer parameter name same as event handler function

Now Run your Application - Download ADF Sample Application