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Saturday 1 April 2017

OTN Question: Not able to see last record in af:table when using icons (May be a bug)

Hello All

This post is about a problem that occurs sometimes in af:table when we use icon in any column, I am not sure that it is a bug or not but sometimes table is not fully stretched on first load and last row doesn't appear properly on page but after refreshing page again problem is solved.

Friday 27 June 2014

Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF 12c ( out (bug fixed and lots of new features introduced)

hello all
ADF & Jdeveloper 12c ( released with lots of new features and previous ( bugs are fixed

Bugs Fixed in 12c (

related to af:query, af:tabel filter and scrolling, property inspector, inputlistofvalues, radioGroup, af:message, checkbox, table pagination, context menu, autosuggest in inputlistofValues, shuttle component
Check out complete list of fixed bugs- Bug Fix List

New Features introduced in 12c (

Enjoy some very cool ADF Faces components
  • 30+ chart types, thematic map with zoom and rotation feature
  • new gauge and awaited rating gauge
  • new component af:deck ,like CSS image slider to show multiple child details one by one with slide and fade effect
  • CSS rule for changing button's color and width
  • Export to CSV feature, mouse hover in list view
Check out complete list of features- New In This Release

Happy Learning , Enjoy new Jdev :)

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Bug in ADF 11g R2- Transient and Bind Valiable of Timestamp type

This is a bug in ADF 11g R2, and sometimes so much annoying for developer.

Bug Is-

  • Suppose you have created business components for Employees table of HR Schema, there is HireDate in Employees table , see it in EntityObject-

  • Now go to source and see, it is of type oracle.jbo.domain.Timestamp (default java representation of Timestamp database data type )

  • Now go to Employees ViewObject and create a transient variable for DOB(Date Of Birth)  and select it as Timestamp
  •  Now after this if developer tries to get or set value of this transient variable, it shows a exception (java.sql.Timestamp can not be cast to oracle.jbo.domain.Timestamp)

  •  To solve this error go to Employees ViewObject and select transient attribute and go to source, se it is of type java.sql.Timestamp

  • Change it to oracle.jbo.domain.Timestamp  and then run it
  • So this is a bug when developer creates new Transient or Query bind variables of Timestamp type, ADF automatically assign it java.sql.Timestamp
Always check it when using Jdveloper 11gR2

Cheers... happy debugging