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Saturday 16 May 2015

Apply ActionListener to programmatically created buttons/link in ADF

This post is next in series of "Working with ADF Faces Components programmatically"
Previous posts are-
Creating dynamic layout (form and UI Component) using ADF Faces
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Now this post is about applying ActionListener to a programmatically created button or link
Let's start (Jdev 12.13) -

  • First created a FusionWebApplication and a page in viewController project
  • Dropped a button on page , on this button action i will create a link programmatically and assign actionListener to it
  • To create new link i have added following code (described in previous posts)

  •     /**Method to add dynamically created component to a parent layout
         * @param parentUIComponent
         * @param childUIComponent
        public void addComponent(UIComponent parentUIComponent, UIComponent childUIComponent) {

           //Creating Link programmatically on button click     
            RichLink ui = new RichLink();
            ui.setText("Programmatically Created Link");
            //Add this link to parent form layout
     //ParentGroupLayoutBind is the component binding of panelGroupLayout
            addComponent(getParentGroupLayoutBind(), ui);

  • After this we are able to create a new Link on click of button, now next is to assign ActionListener to this Link
    For this first i have to define an ActionListener method in bean. So i have added this 

  •     /**Action Listener to be applied on dynamically created button
         * @param actionEvent
        public void actionForProgLink(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
            FacesMessage infoMsg = new FacesMessage("Action Listener Invoked");
            FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().addMessage(null, infoMsg);

  • Now how to assign this ActionListener to that dynamically created Link?
    See the Code-

  •     /**Method to to resolve actionListener
         * @param actionName
        private ActionListener getActionListener(String actionName) {
            //here Testbean is the name of ManagedBean
            MethodExpression methodExp = getMethodExpressionForAction("#{viewScope.Testbean." + actionName + "}");
            return new MethodExpressionActionListener(methodExp);

    Helper method to resolve ActionListener-

        private MethodExpression getMethodExpressionForAction(String actionName) {
            Class[] argtypes = new Class[1];
            argtypes[0] = ActionEvent.class;
            FacesContext facesCtx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
            Application app = facesCtx.getApplication();
            ExpressionFactory elFactory = app.getExpressionFactory();
            ELContext elContext = facesCtx.getELContext();
            return elFactory.createMethodExpression(elContext, actionName, null, argtypes);

    Just pass the name of method to resolve it

       //Apply ActionListener on this dynamically created link 
Now time to check , run application :)
First a button appears-

On click of this button a link is created -

Click on this link- programmatically assigned Action Listener is called

Cheers , Happy Learning :)

Thursday 11 April 2013

Invoking Button Action Programmatically,Queuing ActionEvent

Sometimes we need to invoke any button's action in bean without pressing that button,
as you have to call button action on any component's value change Listener- So how to do this in ADF managed bean.
ADF provides facility to queue action one after another, means you can perform multiple action by queuing 

I am using bounded task flow with page fragments(.jsff)-

  • Create a button in page fragment and define ActionListener in managed bean
  • Now I have created a input text and its valueChangeListener in managed bean
  • I wish to call button' ActionListener in my input text valueChangeListener .

  • we can do this by writing this code snippet on valueChangeListener 

  • public void callAceVCE(ValueChangeEvent vce) {
    if (vce.getNewValue() != null) {
    //Code to call ActionEvent
    FacesContext facesContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
    UIViewRoot root = facesContext.getViewRoot();
    /**Pass cb1(buttonId) if page is not in taskflow, else if page is inside region then pass rgionid:buttonId*/
    RichCommandButton button = (RichCommandButton)root.findComponent("r1:cb1");
    ActionEvent actionEvent = new ActionEvent(button);

  •  Now run your page and when you will change input text value - button actionListener will be called