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Showing posts with label SelectionEvent. Show all posts

Monday 1 May 2017

Undo row selection of af:table in selection listener method conditionally

Recently I have seen a question on OTN Jdeveloper forum and It was about table selection listener
Requirement is like this suppose user has to check a condition after selecting a row and if that condition is true only then new row will be selected else selected row should be previous one

It means undo row selection on validation(condition) failure
So In this post I am implementing same scenario and here I am using Departments table of HR Schema to prepare model and condition is that user should be able to select new row only if ManagerId is not null

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Enable selection and Get selected marker value from dvt:thematicMap in ADF Faces

Hello All

Previously I have posted about using dvt:thematicMap to mark locations using latitude and longitude, In that post I have described about showing different cities as markers on a world map using a POJO based data structure

Now In this post I am going to describe that how can we enable selection in thematic map and get selected location value in managed bean so here in this post I am extending that previous application

Monday 25 July 2016

ADF UI- dvt:bubbleChart component overview, Show data in 3 dimensions

Hello All

In ADF we have many dvt components and dvt:bubbleChart is one of them. This chart uses three measures for X-axis, Y-axis and size of bubble and looks good on UI

A good interface makes it easy for users to use application with interest, Previously I have posted a lot about ADF UI , you can read all posts here- Better UI in Oracle ADF

Monday 11 July 2016

Get selected Tag value from dvt:tagCloud component using custom selection listener in ADF

Hello All

Previously I have posted about using new DVT component TagCloud to design better UI (Showing TagCloud from ViewObject data) and this post is about getting selected tag value of TagCloud component

To enable selection in TagCloud component first thing is to set selectionMode property single, after that we can create a custom selection listener in managed bean to get selected row 

Monday 16 May 2016

How to queue SelectionEvent programmatically, Call af:table Selection Listener programmatically

Hello All
Hope you all are doing good :) 
Previously I have posted about defining custom selection listener for af:table and perform desired operation on selection event of table row

Selection Listener is fired when server receives a selection event from client means whenever user selects a row in table (Selection Event) then server process that event and execute selection listener defined in managed bean

And this post is about creating selection event programmatically without user interaction with table.
In ADF we can queue ActionEvent , ValueChangeEvent and in same manner we can create and queue SelectionEvent programmatically