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Thursday 5 January 2017

Get Installed Printer List using Java, Print a file with default Printer

This post shows that how can we get installed printers list using PrintServiceLookup class

Implementations of this class provide lookup services for print services

Saturday 8 March 2014

Launching browser print dialog using simple javascript function in ADF

Hello All ,
This posts talks about a requirement of printing a simple page (not much component as, form,tree,etc & not much data)
you can use a simple one liner javascript function to invoke browser's print dialog.

  • there is a page with Departments table on it, and a button to print this page

  • Called this simple javascript function on button click to open print dialog

  • window.print();

  • to execute javascript through managed bean use this method 

  •     /**Method to execute Javascript
         * @param javascriptCode
        public static void runJavaScriptCode(String javascriptCode) {
            FacesContext facesCtx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
            ExtendedRenderKitService service = Service.getRenderKitService(facesCtx, ExtendedRenderKitService.class);
            service.addScript(facesCtx, javascriptCode);

  • click on print button- In Google Chrome

In Mozilla-

after printing, the page look like this
Sample ADF Application- Download
Cheers :-)