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Friday 5 June 2015

Programmatically Select all values in ADF BC based selectMany (af:selectManyCheckbox, af:selectManyChoice, af:selectManyListbox, af:selectManyShuttle) component

Hello All,
Previously i have posted a lot about component that supports multiple selection in ADF Faces (af:selectManyCheckbox, af:selectManyChoice, af:selectManyListbox, af:selectManyShuttle)
- Multiple Selection in ADF Faces

This post is about selecting all values in a component programmatically on a event like button click, value change event etc.
Note that this post is designed for ADF BC (viewObject) based components , to set values in bean based component check this-
Programmatically populate values in ADF Faces multiSelect component (af:selectManyCheckbox, af:selectManyChoice, af:selectManyListbox, af:selectManyShuttle)

So for this i have just dropped Departments viewObject as multiSelect component on page
(af:selectManyCheckbox, af:selectManyChoice, af:selectManyListbox, af:selectManyShuttle)

 Page bindings section looks like this-

Now see code of Set all values as selected button-

    /**Method to get BindingContainer of current viewPort (page)
     * @return
    public BindingContainer getBindings() {
        return BindingContext.getCurrent().getCurrentBindingsEntry();

    /**Method to set all values as selected in SelectMany Components.
     * @param actionEvent
    public void setAllValuesToSelected(ActionEvent actionEvent) {

        int arrIndex[];
        //Get the iterator binding of component
        DCIteratorBinding deptIter = (DCIteratorBinding) getBindings().get("DepartmentsView1Iterator");
        //Get viewObject from Iterator
        ViewObject deptVo = deptIter.getViewObject();
        //Get component list binding , component is directly based on this
        JUCtrlListBinding list = (JUCtrlListBinding) getBindings().get("DepartmentsView1");
        DCIteratorBinding iterList = list.getDCIteratorBinding();
        RowSetIterator rsi = deptVo.createRowSetIterator(null);
        int i = 0;
        int rowCount = (int) deptVo.getEstimatedRowCount();
        //Initialize array and set it's size (equal to number of rows in List)
        arrIndex = new int[rowCount];
        while (rsi.hasNext()) {
            //Get viewObject next row from RowSetIterator
            Row nextRow =;
            //Set this row as page iterator's current row
            //Now get index of this row
            int indx = iterList.getCurrentRowIndexInRange();
            //Add it to array
            arrIndex[i] = indx;
        // Set as selected indices

All done, now run and check application , click on button and see what happens ?

Great, it's working :)
I have explained one more approach to set values in multi select component that makes use of component binding
check it - Set values in af:selectManyChoice programmatically - Oracle ADF

Sample ADF Application-Download
Cheers :) Happy Learning