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Monday 21 October 2013

Expand and Collapse an af:treeTable programmatically in ADF Faces (Oracle ADF)

Hello all,
this is simple tutorial about expanding and collapsing an af:treeTable using managed bean code (programmatically)
sometimes we need to expand or collapse treeTable on some button action or on valueChangeEvent.


  • Create binding of treeTable in managed bean
  •  private RichTreeTable soTreeTableBind;
         public void setSoTreeTableBind(RichTreeTable soTreeTableBind) {
            this.soTreeTableBind = soTreeTableBind;
        public RichTreeTable getSoTreeTableBind() {
            return soTreeTableBind;

  • Now Call this method on any action to expand treeTable

  • private RowKeySet disclosedTreeRowKeySet = new RowKeySetImpl();

        /***Method to expand all tree table nodes*/
        private void expandTreeTable() {
            if (this.soTreeTableBind != null) {
                disclosedTreeRowKeySet = new RowKeySetImpl();
                CollectionModel model = (CollectionModel)soTreeTableBind.getValue();
                JUCtrlHierBinding treeBinding = (JUCtrlHierBinding)model.getWrappedData();
                JUCtrlHierNodeBinding rootNode = treeBinding.getRootNodeBinding();
                disclosedTreeRowKeySet = soTreeTableBind.getDisclosedRowKeys();
                if (disclosedTreeRowKeySet == null) {
                    disclosedTreeRowKeySet = new RowKeySetImpl();
                List<JUCtrlHierNodeBinding> firstLevelChildren = rootNode.getChildren();
                for (JUCtrlHierNodeBinding node : firstLevelChildren) {
                    ArrayList list = new ArrayList();
                    expandTreeChildrenNode(soTreeTableBind, node, list);
    /**Method to expand childs*/
        private void expandTreeChildrenNode(RichTreeTable rt, JUCtrlHierNodeBinding node, List<Key> parentRowKey) {
            ArrayList children = node.getChildren();
            List<Key> rowKey;
            if (children != null) {
                for (int i = 0; i < children.size(); i++) {
                    rowKey = new ArrayList<Key>();
                    if (((JUCtrlHierNodeBinding)(children.get(i))).getChildren() == null)
                    expandTreeChildrenNode(rt, (JUCtrlHierNodeBinding)(node.getChildren().get(i)), rowKey);

  • To collapse treeTable ,use this code snippet on any event

  •     /**Collapse TreeTable
         * @param actionEvent
        public void collapseTreeTableAction(ActionEvent actionEvent) {