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Tuesday 10 June 2014

Export ViewObject dataset to XML, Generate customized XML file using ViewObject in Oracle ADF

Hello All,
this post is about exporting a viewObject data to a XML document.
Sometimes we need to generate XML document with the same data in ViewObject, for this ADF provides a facility to directly export data to a XML document using ViewObjectImpl class

See the steps to generate XML for a ViewObject

  • Create a Fusion Web application and model using HR schema (Departments & Employees) table (master detail relation using viewLink)

  • Now to generate XML, i have used writeXML method of ViewObjectImpl class, it produce XML using two parameters

  • from oracle docs-
    writeXML(int depthCount, long options)
    here depthCount - no. of ViewLink levels that should be traversed to produce XML
    options- how many rows you want to export, It can be set any of flags given below
    Includes all rows in the view object's row set in the XML.

    Includes only the rows in the current range in the XML.

  • created a method in DepartmentsVOImpl class to export data to XML, added it to client Interface

  •     /**Method to generate XML from ViewObject data
         * @param level
         * @return
        public String writeVoToXml(int level) {
            FileOutputStream out;
            ByteArrayOutputStream opStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
            try {
                // Generating XML for All rows and adding it to Output Stream
                ((XMLNode) this.writeXML(level, XMLInterface.XML_OPT_ALL_ROWS)).print(opStream);
                // Creating a XML document in D Drive
                out = new FileOutputStream("D://Departments.xml");
            } catch (Exception e) {
            return opStream.toString();

  • Now run application module to execute method and see generated XML on console

  • BC4J Tester

    ViewObject XML

  • i have created a simple page with a af:codeEditor to show generated XML , button to generate XML and a spinner to pass depth level of viewLink accessor

  • In case depth level is '0' , it export data only for Departments viewObject

    Change level to '1' , Now it generate XML for Departments --> Employess relation

  • now to how to customize XML ? How to change default tags for attribute names and rows ?
  • To change attribute label (tag in xml)- Suppose i have to change DepartmentName to Name in XML
  • Add attribute level custom property named XML_ELEMENT to a value AnyOtherName to change the XML element name used for that attribute

  • To change Row label (tag in xml)- Suppose i have to change DepartmentsVORow to DepartmentLine in XML
  • Add ViewObject level custom property named XML_ROW_ELEMENT to a value AnyOtherName to change the XML element name used for that Row

  • Now Run and see generated XML -
Cheers :-) Happy Learning