PL/SQL Tutorial – What is PL/SQL, Features and Advantages of PL/SQL

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PL/SQL Tutorial

PL/SQL is developed by Oracle Corporation to increase/enhance capabilities of SQL, PL/SQL stands for Procedural Language extension to SQL. PL/SQL is highly structured and expressive language and because of its expressive syntax, it is very easy to understand and learn PL/SQL is integrated with Oracle Database and can be called from any other programming language. It is tightly integrated with SQL so it’s easy to learn PL/SQL if you have knowledge of SQL

Like other programming languages PL/SQL includes the declaration of constants, variable, using loops, conditions, handling exceptions
PL/SQL supports re-usability as We can create program units like functions, procedures, triggers, packages, etc and can reuse these units using any programming language that uses Oracle DB

PL/SQL Tutorial


Features and Advantage of PL/SQL


  • PL/SQL is not case sensitive so one can use small and capital letters both
  • Supports structured programming
  • PL/SQL sends the entire block of SQL statements to DB for processing
  • It supports object-oriented programming
  • PL/SQL is tightly integrated with SQL and provides high security
  • It offers exception handling, error checking, and multiple data types
  • PL/SQL provides extreme support for the development of enterprise applications and web applications

In these tutorials we’ll learn the basic syntax of PL/SQL commands and script, We’ll use Oracle SQL Developer for script compilation and running

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