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Tuesday 6 March 2018

PL/SQL Tutorial - What is PL/SQL, Features and Advantages of PL/SQL

PL/SQL is developed by Oracle Corporation to increase/enhance capabilities of SQL, PL/SQL stands for Procedural Language extension to SQL . PL/SQL is highly structured and expressive language and because of its expressive syntax it is very easy to understand and learn

PL/SQL is integrated with Oracle Database and can be called from any other programming language. It is tightly integrated with SQL so it's easy to learn PL/SQL if you have knowledge of SQL

Like other programming language PL/SQL includes the declaration of constants, variable, using loops, conditions, handling exceptions
PL/SQL supports re-usability as We can create program units like functions, procedures, triggers, packages etc and can reuse these units using any programming language that uses Oracle DB

Features and Advantage of PL/SQL

  • PL/SQL is not case sensitive so one can use small and capital letters both
  • Supports structured programming 
  • PL/SQL sends the entire block of SQL statements to DB for processing 
  • It supports object-oriented programming
  • PL/SQL is tightly integrated with SQL and provides high security 
  • It offers exception handling, error checking, and multiple data types
  • PL/SQL provides extreme support for the development of enterprise applications and web applications

In these tutorial we'll learn basic syntax of PL/SQL commands and script, We'll use Oracle SQL Developer for script compilation and running

Cheers :) Happy Learning

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