Enable DBMS_OUTPUT in Oracle SQL Developer

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I hope all of you’ll be familiar with Oracle SQL Developer tool, A tool used by database developers to perform DB related tasks efficiently.
DBMS_OUTPUT package of PL/SQL enables user to show/print some debugging information and used by learners to run and check small chunks of pl/sql codeHere we’ll see how to enable DBMS_OUTPUT package in SQL Developer

1. Using SQL Developer Settings


  • Open SQL Developer
  • Click on View Menu, Select Dbms Output option
  • In Dbms Output window click on green plus icon and select a DB connection
  • Now write your query in query builder and execute

And you can see output in Dbms Output window

2. Using Script to enable DBMS_OUTPUT

This is time saving, just run this script and all done 🙂
Execute query and check
Cheers 🙂 Happy Learning

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