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Monday 20 March 2017

ADF Basics: Tip for not showing record in dependent lov

Hello All

Recently I have seen a question on OTN forum - Question on cascading LOV

It was about cascading lovs in ADF
Suppose we have 2 dependent LOVs and requirement is that 2nd lov should not show any data until first one is selected , this is very simple and common use case but for beginners it's a tedious task

So I thought to write it here to help others

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Igonre null values in viewCriteria -Jdeveloper 12c (Not a bug but a change)

Hello All,
In jdev 12c there is some change in viewCriteria design window, there is a checkbox to ignore null values in criteria , in 11g release it was enabled for all values in criteria item

but in 12c it is disabled for all values of ViewCriteria bind variable

there is two different section for creating bind variable in 12c
1. ViewCriteria Bind Variable
2. Query Bind Variable(Required)
So when you create a bind var of string type in query variables.

and use it in viewCriteria , only then this 'ignore null values' checkbox will be enabled

and when you use viewCriteria bind varibles it is disabled  but sometimes you need to change it, so can change it using ViewObject xml source

  • Select ViewCriteria and go to source
  • Now change GenerateIsNullClauseForBindVars="false"  to true

 Cheers :-)