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Friday 29 June 2018

HTML Tags and their usage


List of Basic HTML Tags

Here a list of HTML tags with their significant use is given. Read this and try in our online HTML editor. Learning Basic HTML helps in the development of Web Applications.

Tag NameTag CodePurpose
Start TagClose Tag
HTML<html></html>Starting & ending tag of page,
HEAD<head></head>Formatting information, and
content is not visible
BODY<body></body>Contains the visible information
HEADING<h1>,<h2>,<h3>,<h4>,<h5>,<h6></h1>,</h2>,</h3>,</h4>,</h5>,</h6>Largest to smallest heading
Bold Text<b>,<strong></b>,</strong>For bold text
Paragraph<p></p>For writing text in paragraphs
Line Break<br>Not neededInsert a line break
LIST<ol></ol>For Ordered List
LIST<ul></ul>For Unordered List
List Item<li></li>For component of list
IMAGE<img src="source">Not needed, </img>For inserting image in webpage
LINK<a href="url of page"></a>For Hyperlink
CENTER<center><center>For center alignment
TT<tt></tt>Typewriter like text
BLOCKQUOTE<blockquote></blockquote>Intends from both side
HR<hr></hr>Horizontal Rule
TABLE<table></table>Specifies the beginning and end of
a table
TABLE ROW<tr></tr>Specifies the beginning and end of
a table row
TABLE DATA<td></td>Specifies the beginning and end of
a table cell
TABLE HEAD<th></th>A normal cell with text that is bold
and centered
TABLE BORDER<table border="1"></table>Specifies the border for table
ITALIC<i></i>For italic text
LESS THAN&lt;Not neededFor < sign
GREATER THAN&gt;Not neededFor > sign
SUBSCRIPT<sub></sub>For subscript
SUPERSCRIPT<sup></sup>For superscript
JAVASCRIPT<script type="javascript"></script>For using javascript

Cheers :) Happy Learning

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