Oracle Jdeveloper & ADF is out (Minor release but lots of new features)

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Hello Everyone
You’ll be happy to know that new version of Oracle JDeveloper and ADF is out – JDeveloper & ADF
Though it looks like a minor version but there are lots of beauties added in this, lots of new components introduced, many bugs fixed
JUnit is now bundled with JDeveloper, you need not separately download the extension

New Data Visualization Components –

You can now make your ADF Application more interactive with new DVT components introduce in Jdeveloper 🙂

Picto Chart- To represent numeric information

With Custom Shapes-

Tag Cloud- To Present textual data as a tag cloud (Wow it looks awesome)

tag cloud in ADF

There are Stock Chart-

Range Series Type-

Oracle Jdeveloper

 Hierarchical labels-

  • Drilling is again supported in charts
  • Enhancement in Export to Excel functionality
  • Improvement in af:inputDate performance
  • Improvement in REST and SOAP support
  • Improvement in Groovy Support

See the complete list of features and Bug Fix List- JDeveloper and Oracle ADF 12c ( New Features
Time to Download Jdeveloper

Cheers 🙂 Happy Learning

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