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Showing posts with label af:column. Show all posts

Thursday 14 April 2016

ADF Skinning: Change Style of ADF Table, Column, Header, Data Cell and pagination bar

After a long vacation I'm back to work :)
This post is about changing look n feel of ADF Faces af:table component

I have seen many questions related to changing table column header style , selected row style, changing row banding styles etc

Wednesday 7 October 2015

ADF Basics: Reorder ADF table column using DisplayIndex property

This post is about a very simple use case that is reordering of af:table column at run time. 
Ordering of columns in af:table is controlled by DisplayIndex property of af:column
Check what docs says-

Default Value: -1

The display order index of the column. Columns can be re-arranged and they are displayed in the table based on the displayIndex. Columns are sorted based on the displayIndex property, columns without displayIndex are displayed at the end, in the order in which they appear. The displayIndex attribute is honored only for top level columns, since it is not possible to rearrange a child column outside of the parent column.
Not supported on the following renderkits: org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.core

We can set DisplayIndex property for all columns in a sequence (1,2,3 etc) that we want to see on page