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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Using popupFetchListener to execute method on popup launch in Oracle ADF

Everyone must have used ADF Faces popup component , this is one of most used container to show information on top of page
In this post i am talking about popup fetch event suppose we have to perform some operation before opening popup like filtering data inside popup . We can do this by capturing popup fetch event, if you have checked af:popUp documentation then you must have seen concept of popupFetchListener

From Docs-
The PopupFetchEvent is one of two server-side popup events but doesn't have a corresponding client event. The popup fetch event is invoked during content delivery. This means that the event will only queue for popups that have a contentDelivery type of lazy or lazyUncached. Another caveat is that the event will only work when the launch id is set. This is automatically handled by the af:showPopupBehavior but must be provided as a popup hint if programmatically shown.

So here we will see -

How to use popupFetchListener to filter data inside popup ?
How to execute some operation before opening popup ?
How to call AMImpl method before launching popup?

Let's see implementation part-
  • Create a Fusion Web Application and prepare model using Departments table of HR Schema

  • Fusion Web Application Structure

  • Create a ViewCriteria in Departments ViewObject (For filtering viewObject using DepartmentId) and apply this viewCritria at Application Module level

  • ViewCriteria to filter VewObject

    To Apply ViewCriteria at AM level- Open ApplicationModule--> Select ViewObject Instance--> Click on edit button at top right side

    In new window, Select viewCriteria and shuttle it to selected side. All done :)

  • Create a page, drop a button and a popup with dialog in it, Drop Departments ViewObject in dialog as ADF Form

  • Drop Departments ViewObject as ADF Form in Popup Dialog

  • Set content delivery of popup to lazyUncached and create a popupFetchListener in managed bean

  • Create popupFetchListener method in managed bean

  • I have added an inputText on page to allow user input for DepartmentId
    Create a method in ApplicationModule Impl class that sets value of DepartmentId bind variable and filters Departments ViewObject

  • Code in AMImpl-
        /**Method to set bind variable value in Department ViewObject
         * @param deparmentId
        public void filterDepartment(Integer departmentId){
            ViewObject deptVo=this.getDepartments1();
            deptVo.setNamedWhereClauseParam("BindDeptId", departmentId);

    Code in Managed Bean to call AM method-
         * Generic Method to call operation binding
         * */
        public BindingContainer getBindingsCont() {
            return BindingContext.getCurrent().getCurrentBindingsEntry();
         * Generic Method to execute operation Binding
         * */
        public OperationBinding executeOperation(String operation) {
            OperationBinding ob = getBindingsCont().getOperationBinding(operation);
            return ob;
        /**PopUp Fetch Listener , will be called on fetch event of PopUp
         * @param popupFetchEvent
        public void deptPopUpFetchListener(PopupFetchEvent popupFetchEvent) {
            OperationBinding ob = executeOperation("filterDepartment");
            //inputTextDeptIdBind is component binding of inputText that is used to get value
            ob.getParamsMap().put("departmentId", inputTextDeptIdBind.getValue());

  • Run and check application, put any DepartmentId in inputText and hit open popup button, see popupFetchListener will be called and data will be filtered in popup

Sample ADF Application- Download
Cheere :) Happy Learning 

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