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Tuesday 7 October 2014

Better User Interface- Oracle Alta UI for Oracle ADF 12.1.3

Great news for all ADF developers ,
Oracle has launched a design system for better user experience - Oracle Alta UI (much more than skin)

see press release- Oracle Announces New User Interface Design System for a More Engaging Customer Experience
As per documentation -

Oracle Alta UI is a new user interface design system that enables developers to create modern, visually pleasing, consistent, and engaging interfaces that can be easily distributed across all delivery channels.
The Oracle Alta UI design system provides a set of guidelines and best practices. The system is based on years of user experience and usability implementations and analysis by leading UI and design specialists.
Oracle Alta UI-based applications feature a simplified component structure and more open space to keep the focus on data.

See details of Oracle Alta UI- Oracle Alta UI

I have created a simple master detail page using Departments and Employees table of HR Schema using Jdev 12.1.3

by default skyros skin is applied in fusion web application, you can see this in trinidad-config.xml file under WEB-INF node

to apply Oracle Alta UI just change skin-family to alta

Now compare both UI , you will see a big difference

Full page-
Default Skin-

Alta UI-

See difference in af:inputDate and it's calendar
Default Skin-

 Alta UI- (icon is inside date field)

inputListofValues box is very attractive now-
Default Skin-

 Oracle Alta UI-
and magnifier icon is inside field now-

try it yourself and see difference in other components also
refer- Designing & Developing Oracle ALTA UI Apps
Sample ADF Application- Download

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