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Wednesday 30 December 2015

Create REST Web Service with Application Module declaratively in ADF 12.2.1

REST stands for Representational State Transfer, REST is an architectural style not a protocol as SOAP that's why it can use any other protocol like SOAP, HTTP etc.
REST requires less bandwidth and resources (lighter) than SOAP

New ADF 12.2.1 supports creating RESTful web services directly from Application Module, In previous versions we have to do everything manually
See- Create RESTful services on top of ADF Business Components

Tuesday 22 December 2015

Create SOAP Web Service with Application Module quickly in ADF 12.2.1

SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol, a protocol to exchange information in XML format between two applications over HTTP. This protocol is used to create ,access and consume web services.

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) focuses on re-usability and exposing application module as web service makes it's methods and objects accessible from any device , any platform and these methods and objects can be further used by any other application

Monday 14 December 2015

Responsive UI with new af:matchMediaBehavior in ADF

Jdeveloper and ADF 12.2.1 comes with many new features ( see these posts-
New look of dvt:funnelChart for Data Visualization in Jdeveloper
New look of dvt:pieChart as donut chart for Data Visualization in Jdeveloper  )
and supports responsive UI design.
Masonry Layout and MatchMediaBehaivor tag is introduced to support responsive UI design

af:matchMediaBehavior allows developer to control properties of components according to screen size. It uses CSS media queries to detect screen size and changes value of specified property of component

Thursday 26 November 2015

Responsive UI with new Masonry Layout in ADF

What is Responsive UI and Why it is Important-

User interface or view of website or web application changes as the screen size of device changes
This type of UI is called Responsive and it is important to design responsive UI for your application because each device have different screen dimension and you can not restrict user to use any specific device to view your application . This is very basic requirement of web development that UI should look good on Mobile, PC, Tablet or any other device

Saturday 21 November 2015

New look of dvt:funnelChart for Data Visualization in ADF

A couple of weeks ago Oracle Jdeveloper and ADF team released new version of Jdevloper 12.2.1 with many cool features
New funnel chart (<dvt:funnelChart>) is introduced instead of funnel graph (<dvt:funnelGraph>)
Old funnel graph looks like this-

Funnel chart is used to show visual distribution of different steps of any cycle
What docs says-

A chart representing data related to steps in a process. The steps appear as vertical slices across a cone-shaped section which represent stages of a procees or target and actual values, showing levels by color.

Here we see how to use this new component to design a better UI, For this I have created a viewObject using this sql

100000 AS TARGET

Then go to datacontrol and drop this viewObject on page as chart

In dialog select Funnel on left panel and you can select horizontal or vertical layout of funnel at right side

This is the configuration screen for Funnel. Here we can select Actual and Target values and Section Name appears on view port

Click on ok button of this dialog and your Funnel chart is ready
See generated XML-

<dvt:funnelChart id="funnelChart2" var="row" value="#{bindings.DeptEmpView11.collectionModel}">
                        <dvt:funnelDataItem id="di2" targetValue="#{row.Target}" label="#{row.DepartmentName}"

Now run this application and see how it appears :)

Wow.. it's good :)
If we want to show only Departments Name with salary (No comparison with Target) then just remove this targetValue from xml code and then it looks like this

There are lots of properties to change it's layout , 3D effect , Title , FootNote etc. Try each one and see how it affects Funnel

Cheers :) Happy Learning

Tuesday 3 November 2015

ADF Basics: Using f:attribute to pass parameter in ActionEvent

f:attribute tag (JSF Tag supported in ADF Faces) is used to pass some additional attribute value to associated component
Sometimes using f:attribute simplify a complex piece of code, this tag has very simple structure. It has two properties

name- Name of tag attribute
value- Value or an EL reference of value

Here in this post we will see how to use this tag with ADF Faces, I am using Departments table of HR Schema and requirement is to delete departments with attribute DepartmentId  greater than 100