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Friday 23 March 2018

PL/SQL Basic Exit Loop

In PL/SQL Basic Loop all statements inside the block are executed at least once before loop termination, Basic loop encloses statement between LOOP and END LOOP and there must be an EXIT or EXIT-WHEN condition to terminate the loop

The syntax of Basic Exit loop is like this


statements to execute



See these examples for better understanding

PL/SQL Loops , Iterative Statement in PL/SQL

Loops are used to repeat execution of a statement or a set of statements multiple times on base of a condition or expression
EXIT and EXIT-WHEN keywords are used to terminate the loop

EXIT- terminates the loop unconditionally and passes control to the next statement after the loop
EXIT-WHEN- terminates the loop when EXIT-WHEN clause is checked and if returns true then the loop is terminated and control is passed to next statement after the loop

The basic syntax of Loop in PL/SQL is like this


Set of statements