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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Clear af:table filter programmaticallty , reset table filter in 12C (ADF)

Code to reset or clear af:table filter- here searchTabBind is the binding of af:table

     * method to reset filter attributes on an af:table
     * @param actionEvent event which triggers the method
    public void resetTableFilterAction(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
        FilterableQueryDescriptor queryDescriptor = (FilterableQueryDescriptor) getSearchTabBind().getFilterModel();
        if (queryDescriptor != null && queryDescriptor.getFilterConjunctionCriterion() != null) {
            ConjunctionCriterion cc = queryDescriptor.getFilterConjunctionCriterion();
            List<Criterion> lc = cc.getCriterionList();
            for (Criterion c : lc) {
                if (c instanceof AttributeCriterion) {
                    AttributeCriterion ac = (AttributeCriterion) c;
            getSearchTabBind().queueEvent(new QueryEvent(getSearchTabBind(), queryDescriptor));

use this method on any button or link to clear af:table filter

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