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Wednesday 28 August 2013

Cool Component - Using af:richTextEditor as text editor, HTML editor with custom toolbox in Oracle ADF

Hello all,
this post is about af:richTextEditor component in ADF,
This component is used  for text formatting ,colors, it supports links,lables, messages etc and can be used as mail editor, blog editor
  • af:richTextEditor looks like this on page
  • User can use it for text formatting on page as-
  • It supports both Rich text and HTML,you can see by switching over editing modes (Rich text editing mode, Source code editing mode)

  • If you want to use this as simple text editor go to source editing mode and just write plain text

  • One very good thing is that you can use this HTML editor, go to Source Editing Mode and write HTML code, then switch to Rich Text Editing Mode to view result, so it can be used as basic html editor on web page
HTML code-
  •  Other than this user can control its toolbox structure and layout, there is a property named ToolboxLayout, some built in value for this property are
       all, font, history ,mode, color, formatAll, formatUncommon, justify, list, indent, link, newline
       look in snaps-


  1. It's a nice post, please let me know how can we get original values (without formatting/ html tags) entered in Rich Text Editor?