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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Insert New Row in ADF ViewObject Programatically

Here I am showing how to insert new row in ADF view object programmatically.

For this create a method in managed bean for your button click on that you want to insert row.
and call ViewObjectImpl createRow method to add new row in RowSet

I have created a method in AMImpl class and then it'll be called in managed bean using binding layer

This method creates a row in ViewObject , and you can set(Insert) this row with some values using this simple snippet of code 

 ViewObjectImpl demo1 = am.getEmployeesDemo1();
      Row r2 = demo1.createRow();         // Creates a row in ViewObject

      r2.setAttribute("EmployeeId", 001); // you can set all values

      demo1.insertRow(r2);                //Insert that row in ViewObject
      am.getDBTransaction().commit();     //Commit the changes, If you need

This is how you can create row in ViewObject

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