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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Insert New Row in ADF ViewObject Programatically

Here I am showing how to insert new row in ADF view object programmatically.

For this create a method in managed bean for your button on that you want to insert row.
and call this AMImpl method that makes use of ViewObjectImpl createRow method to add new row in RowSet

Created a method in AMImpl class and it'll be called in managed bean using binding layer

This method creates a row in ViewObject , and you can set(Insert) this row with some values using this simple snippet of code 

 ViewObjectImpl demo1 = am.getEmployeesDemo1();
      Row r2 = demo1.createRow();         // Creates a row in ViewObject

      r2.setAttribute("EmployeeId", 001); // you can set all values

      demo1.insertRow(r2);                //Insert that row in ViewObject
      am.getDBTransaction().commit();     //Commit the changes, If you need

This is how you can create row in ViewObject

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