Clear table Filter Value declaratively in Oracle ADF

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When we use table component with filter, and we have to manually clear the data that we search by the filter.
but ADF provides functionality to clear table filter and filtered data by one click on Filter icon.

When We drop table on the page and it looks like this

af:table , Tabular data in Oracle ADF

Now we have to set at least one column with RowHeader –true in property inspector of table Column.
To do this select table column and go to property Inspector and Set RowHeader property of column to true

Set Row Header Property of af:table to true

Now run the page, and search something using table filter

Clear filter icon on column that has Rowheader true
Now click on the clear icon that is appearing on the head of the column, for that we have set RowHeader to true
Clear table filter
and your table filter gets cleared when you click on that icon.

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