Dynamic (parameterize) model level validation using message token -Oracle ADF

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This post falls under ADF Basics category (about a little trick in the model layer) but about a common development requirement regarding model level validation.
How can we create dynamic ADF BC validation? means it takes a parameter at runtime and appends it to the validation message

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In this post, I am using Departments table of Oracle HR Schema

    • The first step is same, prepare model (EO, VO and AM) using Departments table


    • Creating a business rule that DepartmentName cannot be duplicate, for this created an alternate key in EntityObject


    • Now creating unique key business rule for this alternate key and message that appears on validation failure (this is how we apply EO level validations)



    • Run AM and check in BC4J tester, create a new row and on entering duplicate DepartmentName this validation message appears -“Duplicate Department Name



    • Now my requirement is this message should be like – Duplicate Department Name <Administration>, so for this, I have to pass parameter in the message that shows entered DepartmentName on run-time. ADF provides a built-in feature to pass tokens in the message and on the runtime it is replaced with groovy expression value


On running see desired output

  • to pass more than one parameter just add another token and set groovy for it, see the screens


model level validation
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