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Works as the technical leader of an ADF Development team, An active member of OTN Jdev/ADF Forum of Oracle Community. He has written more than 200 article about Oracle ADF and JDeveloper. Many of his articles got published in WebLogic community newsletter and Oracle ACE newsletter from time to time.
Awarded with Oracle ACE title (♠️) in the year 2015 for his contribution in Oracle Technology Network.
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Got Oracle Community Guru Reward (♛) for making contributions to Oracle Community Platform.
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COVID-19 Tracker India – Coronavirus Cases crosses 23K mark in India

Sharing is Caring

Amid this pandemic, I am trying to collect data from various sources like news channels, state government websites and other sources to show the correct number of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) cases. We are fighting against a devil so we should be united but with physical distancing.

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