Hide Icon and Heading of FacesMessage using ADF Skin

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Recently a developer asked me about how to hide icon and heading of FacesMessage. So here I am posting a small CSS that does the trick.

Previously I have posted about resizing FacesMessage and skinning ADF Dialog component inside the popup, You can check these posts for more details about skin selectors

Check How to Show FacesMessage in Oracle ADF?

By default, Error FacesMessage in ADF Application looks like this

Default FacesMessage

Now create a Skin in view controller project and write this simple piece of CSS. This CSS basically hides the header part of dialog that is used in creating FacesMessage.

af|dialog::header, af|dialog::header-end, af|dialog::header-start {
    display: none;

and FacesMessage looks like this

Hide Icon and Heading of FacesMessage

That’s All

Cheers 🙂 Happy Learning

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