Set current date in af:inputDate on double click using javascript in ADF

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This post is about a question that is asked on OTN forum. In this post, I’ll show you that how we can set current date in af:inputDate component on double click of the mouse. For this, we need to use a simple javascript function.

Here we have an inputDate component on the page and added javascript function as a resource in the page. See page XML source

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<jsp:root xmlns:jsp="" version="2.1" xmlns:f=""
    < contentType="text/html;charset=UTF-8"/>
        <af:document title="SetCurrentDate.jspx" id="d1">
            <af:resource type="javascript">
              function setDate(evt) {
                  var comp = evt.getSource()
                  comp.setValue(new Date());

            <af:form id="f1">
                <af:inputDate label="Label 1" id="id1">
                    <af:clientListener method="setDate" type="dblClick"/>

All done, as you can see that the javascript function is called using clientListener on double click event of input date component.

Set Current Date using Javascript

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  1. Are you aware of any declarative solution to always have the time part of an input-date component defaulted to 00:00:00 or 23:59:59? We can set the or . However, with this approach, the user loses the ability to change the time from the component.


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