Open af:inputListOfValues popup by calling JavaScript programmatically

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af:inputListOfValues provides an option to open Lov values in af:inputListOfValues popup and allow the user to search, We can open this popup by clicking on magnifying glass icon

Recently I have seen a thread on OTN forum where a user wants to open lov popup on a button click after checking some conditions and also found a post by Frank Nimphius Where he used javascript to open Lov popup on double click of the mouse.
So guess what I have done? 😉
Just called that javascript function programmatically on button click

    • Created Lov on Department Name attribute of Departments view object and dropped on the page



    • Dropped a button on the page to open Lov popup



    • See button code in Managed Bean, Here I am calling a javascript code this code finds lov component using it’s ID and then queue LaunchPopupEvent.

import javax.faces.context.FacesContext;
import javax.faces.event.ActionEvent;

import org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.render.ExtendedRenderKitService;
import org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.util.Service;

/**Helper Method to call Javascript
 * @param javascriptCode
public static void writeJavaScriptToClient(String javascriptCode) {
FacesContext facesCtx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
ExtendedRenderKitService service = Service.getRenderKitService(facesCtx, ExtendedRenderKitService.class);
service.addScript(facesCtx, javascriptCode);

/**Method to open Lov popup programmatically
 * @param actionEvent
public void openLovPopupUsingJS(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
//Here deartmentNameId is ID attribute of InputLov
sb.append("var lovComp =AdfPage.PAGE.findComponent('departmentNameId');");
sb.append("n if (lovComp instanceof AdfRichInputListOfValues && lovComp.getReadOnly() == false) {n" +
" AdfLaunchPopupEvent.queue(lovComp, true);}");


  • Run and check application, click on the button
af:inputListOfValues popup
All Done 🙂
Sample ADF Application (Jdev 12.1.3)- Download
Cheers 🙂 Happy Learning

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