Drag Drop in same table to reorder rows, Update Attribute value to make it persistent

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This post is based on Frank’s article on reordering table rows using drag-drop functionality of ADF Faces, post uses iterator indexing to change the order of rows and it works pretty good

Recently I came across a question on OTN forum asking about making this ordering persistent on base of some attribute value so for that we have to maintain a serial no attribute for each row and when user performs Drag n Drop, serial no. will be swapped and updated ordering of rows will be shown to user and it is persistent as updated attribute’s value is saved in database

So for this use case, I have added a Serial No. column in Departments table of HR Schema

Let’s see how to implement this

    • Create a Fusion Web Application and prepare model using Departments table of HR Schema




    • Define Drop Listener for drop target and set Model Name (this will be discriminant of drag source) and actions


Set properties of Drag Source


    • See Managed Bean code, Helper methods and Drop Listener Code

Required Packages

import java.util.Iterator;
import java.util.List;

import oracle.adf.model.BindingContext;
import oracle.adf.view.rich.component.rich.data.RichTable;
import oracle.adf.view.rich.datatransfer.DataFlavor;
import oracle.adf.view.rich.datatransfer.Transferable;
import oracle.adf.view.rich.dnd.DnDAction;
import oracle.adf.view.rich.event.DropEvent;

import oracle.binding.BindingContainer;
import oracle.binding.OperationBinding;

import oracle.jbo.Row;

import org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.model.RowKeySet;

Helper Methods

 /**Method to get BindingContainer of current viewPort
  * @return
 public BindingContainer getBindingsCont() {
     return BindingContext.getCurrent().getCurrentBindingsEntry();

 * Generic Method to execute operation
 * */
public OperationBinding executeOperation(String operation) {
OperationBinding createParam = getBindingsCont().getOperationBinding(operation);
return createParam;

Drop Listener (Gets dragged and drop row site and swaps serial no)

    /**Method to handle drop event
     * @param dropEvent
     * @return
    public DnDAction reOrderDropListener(DropEvent dropEvent) {
        //get the table instance. This information is later used

RichTable table = (RichTable) dropEvent.getDragComponent();
List dropRowKey = (List) dropEvent.getDropSite(); //if no dropsite then drop area was not a data area
if (dropRowKey == null) {
return DnDAction.NONE;
//The transferable is the payload that contains the dragged row's
//row key that we use to access the dragged row handle in the ADF
//iterator binding
Transferable t = dropEvent.getTransferable();
//here "reorderrow" is the discriminant used in drag source
DataFlavor<RowKeySet> df = DataFlavor.getDataFlavor(RowKeySet.class, "reorderrow");
RowKeySet rks = t.getData(df);
Iterator iter = rks.iterator();

//for this use case the re-order of rows is one-by-one, which means
//that the rowKeySet should only contain a single entry. If it
//contains more then still we only look at a singe (first) row key entry
List draggedRowKey = (List) iter.next();

//Dragged Row
Row dragRow = (Row) table.getRowData(draggedRowKey);

//Drop Row
Row dropRow = (Row) table.getRowData(dropRowKey);

//Get Serial No from dragged row
Integer dragSno = (Integer) dragRow.getAttribute("Sno");
//Get Serial No of dropped row
Integer dropSno = (Integer) dropRow.getAttribute("Sno");

//Swap Values to change order in DB
dragRow.setAttribute("Sno", dropSno);
dropRow.setAttribute("Sno", dragSno);

//Call Commit Operation to save chanes in database

//Call Execute operation to see updated records
return DnDAction.MOVE;
  • Now run and check application. Dragged Purchasing department and dropped on Administration
reorder rows

After calling drop listener –

reorder rows

Sample ADF Application (JDeveloper 12.1.3)- Download
Cheers 🙂 Happy Learning

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  1. Hi Ashish,
    Thank you for the blog. We are currently on and both your sample application and our changes doesnt seem to be working. Any idea if there is any known issue on the approach above?
    The documentation does not mention any changes to af:dragSource and af:collectionDropTarget

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