Create SOAP Web Service with Application Module quickly in ADF 12.2.1

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SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol, a protocol to exchange information in XML format between two applications over HTTP. This protocol is used to create ,access and consume web services.

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) focuses on re-usability and exposing application module as web service makes it’s methods and objects accessible from any device , any platform and these methods and objects can be further used by any other application

In ADF 12.2.1 we can create a SOAP web service within seconds , See how to configure Application Module to expose it’s methods and objects to service interface

    • Created a Fusion Web Application using Departments and Employees table of HR Schema



    • Open Application Module and Web Service tab, there is a separate tab for SOAP , click on green plus icon




    • In Step 2 we can expose some built in methods and in Step 3 if we have any custom methods defined in Application Module then we can expose these methods to service interface.
      Here i have created a simple method in AMImpl to get department name from it’s id and exposed this method in service

    /**Method to get Department Name from Department Id
     * @param deptId
     * @return
    public String getDeptName(Integer deptId) {
        String deptName = "Department not found";
        ViewObject deptVo = this.getDepartments1();
        Row[] filteredRows = deptVo.getFilteredRows("DepartmentId", deptId);
        if (filteredRows.length > 0) {
            deptName = filteredRows[0].getAttribute("DepartmentName").toString();
        return deptName;


    • In Step 4 select viewObject that we want to expose and their methods , i have selected both Departments and Employees viewObject and enabled operation for both
      For Departments ViewObject –


For Employee ViewObject-


    • Click on Finish to create service interface and all required files



    • Now to run and check web service , Expand Application Module root and there is a  service implementation java class  , Right click on this and choose Run



    • On running you’ll see an URL in weblogic log tab, click on that url it will open HTTP Analyzer tool and there you’ll see list of all operation , here i have selected GetByKey operation of Departments viewObject


Here i passed depatmentId as key parameter and you can see web service response

    • Again i selected create operation for Departments viewObject and provided all parameters and click Send Request button


and result in database table


    • This time i am checking custom method defined in application module to get Department Name



All Done 🙂 Sample ADF Application-Download

Cheers 🙂 Happy Learning

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