Using popupFetchListener to execute method on popup launch in Oracle ADF

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Everyone must have used ADF Faces popup component , this is one of the most used containers to show information on top of page
In this post, I am talking about popup fetch event suppose we have to perform some operation before opening popup like filtering data inside the popup. We can do this by capturing popup fetch event, if you have checked af:popUp documentation then you must have seen the concept of popupFetchListener

From Docs-
The PopupFetchEvent is one of two server-side popup events but doesn’t have a corresponding client event. The popup fetch event is invoked during content delivery. This means that the event will only queue for popups that have a contentDelivery type of lazy or lazyUncached. Another caveat is that the event will only work when the launch id is set. This is automatically handled by the af:showPopupBehavior but must be provided as a popup hint if programmatically shown.

So here we will see –

How to use popupFetchListener to filter data inside popup?
How to execute some operation before opening popup?
How to call AMImpl method before launching popup?

Let’s see the implementation part-

    • Create a Fusion Web Application and prepare model using Departments table of HR Schema


Fusion Web Application Structure


    • Create a ViewCriteria in Departments ViewObject (For filtering viewObject using DepartmentId) and apply this view criteria at the Application Module level


ViewCriteria to filter VewObject

To Apply ViewCriteria at AM level- Open ApplicationModule–> Select ViewObject Instance–> Click on edit button at top right side

In the new window, Select viewCriteria and shuttle it to the selected side. All done 🙂


    • Create a page, drop a button and a popup with dialog in it, Drop Departments ViewObject in dialog as ADF Form


Drop Departments ViewObject as ADF Form in Popup Dialog


    • Set content delivery of popup to lazyUncached and create a popupFetchListener in the managed bean


Create popupFetchListener method in managed bean


    • I have added an inputText on page to allow user input for DepartmentId
      Create a method in ApplicationModule Impl class that sets value of DepartmentId bind variable and filters Departments ViewObject

Code in AMImpl-

    /**Method to set bind variable value in Department ViewObject
     * @param deparmentId
    public void filterDepartment(Integer departmentId){
        ViewObject deptVo=this.getDepartments1();
        deptVo.setNamedWhereClauseParam("BindDeptId", departmentId);

Code in Managed Bean to call AM method

/*** Generic Method to call operation binding  * */ 
public BindingContainer getBindingsCont() {
 return BindingContext.getCurrent().getCurrentBindingsEntry(); 

 * Generic Method to execute operation Binding
 * */
public OperationBinding executeOperation(String operation) {
OperationBinding ob = getBindingsCont().getOperationBinding(operation);
return ob;

/**PopUp Fetch Listener , will be called on fetch event of PopUp
 * @param popupFetchEvent
public void deptPopUpFetchListener(PopupFetchEvent popupFetchEvent) {
OperationBinding ob = executeOperation("filterDepartment");
//inputTextDeptIdBind is component binding of inputText that is used to get value
ob.getParamsMap().put("departmentId", inputTextDeptIdBind.getValue());


    • Run and check application, put any DepartmentId in inputText and hit open popup button, see popupFetchListener will be called and data will be filtered in the popup



Sample ADF Application- Download
Cheers 🙂 Happy Learning 

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