ADF Skinning : Remove “search” or “more” link from af:inputComboboxListOfValues in ADF Faces (Jdev 12.1.3)

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Hello all
This post is about a small CSS trick that may be useful sometimes 😉 We often use af:inputComboboxListOfValues to show a large amount of data as List of Values
From Oracle Docs-
The inputComboboxListOfValues component allows a user to open a choice list and select from a list of values, in order to populate the LOV field (and possibly other fields) on a page.
Users can either select a value from the list in the drop-down panel or click the “Search…” link at the bottom of the panel to launch the “Search and Select” dialog. The dialog enables users to search for specific values and select the desired value that should go into the LOV field on the base page. The choice list when opened could display various items in the following order with separators between each (if applicable).

Have a look at this –

Here you see a link “more” on click this link a search dialog box appears when you define search criteria in lov at the model level then this link appears as “search”


So to remove this link from combo box use this CSS

    display: none;

Now look at combo box, we are done

Also, Check how to configure ADF Skin in Application – ADF Basics: Using CSS to change the appearance of application (Skins and Styles in ADF Faces)

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