Image zoom (power zoomer) effect using Jquery in ADF Faces

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Jquery is the most popular javascript library, it is used to provide better UI design, animations and client-side events
This is another post about using jquery in ADF Faces for the image zoom, see the previous post
Using JQuery in Oracle ADF

In this post I am using a jquery script to zoom (enlarge) image on hover, you have seen this in many e-commerce websites as they provide power zoom feature to enlarge product image for better customer experience

I have taken this jquery script from Dynamic Drive, see the documentation
To implement this in ADF Application follow these steps

    • Create a Fusion Web Application and a page in the viewController project (Jdev 12.1.3)



    • Downloaded jquery script file from above link -ddpowerzoomer.js, add this jquery file to the viewController project



    • Now add jquery library reference in the page in order to use jquery functions

<af:resource type="javascript" source=""></af:resource>
            <af:resource type="javascript" source="js/ddpowerzoomer.js"/>


    • Next step is to add an image to the page, so added an af:image to page and set the path of the image to display



    • Now I have to execute jquery function that will add power zoom feature to this image (See jquery code that will be executed on page load)

  defaultpower: 2,  powerrange: [2,5],  largeimage: null,  magnifiersize: [75,75]  }) 

here i1 is the id of image, default zoom power and magnifier size is configured here

    • So to execute this jquery function on page load added a client listener to page like this

<af:clientListener type="load"
                               method="jQuery(document).ready(function($){   $('#i1').addpowerzoom({  defaultpower: 2,  powerrange: [2,5],  largeimage: null,  magnifiersize: [75,75]  }) })"/>


    • Now run this application and check it, the magnifier is on deer 🙂



  • Now I am increasing size and power of magnifier – Power is 3 and size is 200×200
Image zoom

Thanks, Happy Learning 🙂
Download Sample ADF Application


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