Navigating to (open) specific tab in af:panelTabbed programmatically -Oracle ADF

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Hello All,
This post is about a development requirement – how to move (navigate or open) to a specific tab in panel tabbed  in Oracle ADF?
Suppose I have to open the second tab of af:panelTabbed on a button click, so see how to do this using ADF Faces

  • Create a Fusion Web application and a page to drop panel tabbed and a button




  • Now bind panel tabbed and it’s showDetailItem to the managed bean, in order to use the disclosed property and to get the client id

See the code to open (disclose) a specific tab of af:panelTabbed

//Binding of Panel Tabbed
private RichPanelTabbed panelTabBind;

public void setPanelTabBind(RichPanelTabbed panelTabBind) {
this.panelTabBind = panelTabBind;

public RichPanelTabbed getPanelTabBind() {
return panelTabBind;

 * @Method to disclose (open) specific tab
 * Pass the binding of af:showDetailItem that you want to open
public void setDisclosedFirstTab(RichShowDetailItem tabBind) {
RichPanelTabbed richPanelTabbed = getPanelTabBind();
for (UIComponent child : richPanelTabbed.getChildren()) {
RichShowDetailItem sdi = (RichShowDetailItem) child;
if (sdi.getClientId().equals(tabBind.getClientId())) {
} else {


  • Now see the code written on button action- here I have checked that which tab is currently disclosed? and based on that I have passed next tab binding to this method

    /**Method to be called on Navigate Button
     * @param actionEvent
    public void naviGateButtonAction(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
        if (firstTabBind.isDisclosed()) {
        } else if (secTabBind.isDisclosed()) {
        } else {


  • Now run your page and see navigation in af:panelTabbed


Sample ADF Application

Cheers Happy Learning 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Navigating to (open) specific tab in af:panelTabbed programmatically -Oracle ADF”

  1. thanks for this post. I have a problem when I enable user customization using MDS, this navigation doesn't work anymore! Do you have any idea why?

  2. I mean the panel tab result should be not seen when already search.The scenario is once we move over to other panel tab and then again come back to old tab the search and text box all should be clear and we can search with new condition.

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