Selecting and showing time-stamp in ADF using af:inputDate & af:convertDateTime

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Hello All
This post is about a very common & basic requirement for developers working on Oracle ADF
how to show & select time with date in ADF Faces ?
We use af:inputDate for showing Time-stamp in ADF, By default Date and Timestamp type of attributes looks like this


ADF provides a default converter (af:convertDateTime) to format date & timestamp field, we can define a pattern to change its format & to show time selector in the calendar box, here I am going to show you that how can show time along with date in af:inputDate component.

Suppose pattern is- dd-MMM-yyy HH:mm:ss, now see there is an hour/minute/second selector appears in the calendar box


you can change this pattern as per your format, suppose you want to show AM or PM after time just use dd-MMM-yyy HH:mm:ss a

showing time-stamp in ADF

See xml source of af:inputDate-

<af:inputDate label="Label 1" id="id1" contentStyle="width:250px;padding:5px;">
                        <af:convertDateTime pattern="dd-MMM-yyy HH:mm:ss a"/>

this is how we can change the format of Date & Timestamp

Cheers 🙂 Happy Learning

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