Pagination in ADF table with Jdeveloper 12.1.2 (ADF 12C) – returned back

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Pagination in ADF table was very requested feature after Jdev & ADF 10g. Now in 12C again it is here and implementation is quite simple.

    • Created a fusion web application using Departments table of HR Schema and dropped it on the page as ADF table
    • Now suppose I want to show pagination after 5 rows so to achieve this follow these steps
    • Select the table in structure window and go to property inspector change it’s scrollPolicy to page, scrollPolicy is a mechanism to scroll data inside the table


  • Now select table on the page and go to the binding tab and select IteratorBinding of Departments table and change rangeSize to 5, by default it is 25 (means fetched 25 rows at a time)



    • Set autoheightRows to 0 and styleClass to AFStretchWidth and you are done now run your page
Pagination in ADF


  • It works good in Mozilla, chrome and IE, but sometimes you can face a problem of finding current row as it may be in the second page 🙁

Cheers 🙂 Happy Learning

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2 thoughts on “Pagination in ADF table with Jdeveloper 12.1.2 (ADF 12C) – returned back”

  1. Hi Ashish ,
    I am new to ADF.
    We have a requirement from our UA team that the footers of the table in ADF should have format like this:-

    * The tab for 'Next Page' and 'Last Page' should be right aligned.
    * The page numbers should be center aligned (aligned to center of the page).

    Any idea how to achieve this??


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