Showing white-spaces properly in ADF table column- 11g & 12c

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Hello All,
This post talks about a requirement of showing white-spaces before any text/number in an ADF Table
Suppose I have, form and table of a ViewObject on pageCase 1- both table and form are editable, in this case, you can see that white spaces are properly visible in both form and table

but normally in applications, we have a read-only table and editable form so in this case, you can see that white-spaces are not visible in the table

But sometimes we need to show spaces in table same as in form so to do this select that field and go to property inspector and select component

ADF table

Now set it’s contentStyle (for input component as- af:inputText) or inlineStyle (for display component as- af:outputText)- white-space:pre;


Now run your page and see-

 Cheers 🙂 Happy Learning


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