Iterating ViewObject vertically (get all attributes of ViewObject) programmatically

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This post talks about a requirement of getting all attributes (column names) of a ViewObject programmatically, Iterating ViewObject vertically.

  • Create a fusion web application and business component using department table


  • You can see all attributes in  Departments entity object


  • Now to get ViewObject’s attributes name , there is a method written in AMImpl class , see it, i have added a facesMessage to show all names on a Message Board

    /**Method to get all attributes of a viewObject
     * */
public void iterateVoVertically() {
  ViewObjectImpl vo = this.getDepartments1();
  ViewAttributeDefImpl[] attrDefs = vo.getViewAttributeDefImpls();
  int count = 0;
  StringBuilder infoMsg =
    new StringBuilder("<html><body><b><p style='color:red'> Attribute of Department ViewObject are-</p></b>");

for (ViewAttributeDefImpl attrDef : attrDefs) {
byte attrKind =
attrDefs[count].getAttributeKind(); //checks attribute kind for each element in an array of AttributeDefs
if (attrKind != AttributeDef.ATTR_ASSOCIATED_ROW && attrKind != AttributeDef.ATTR_ASSOCIATED_ROWITERATOR) {
String columnName = attrDef.getName();
infoMsg.append("<li> <b>" + attrDef.getName() + "</b></li>");
System.out.println("Column Name-" + columnName);
FacesMessage msg = new FacesMessage(infoMsg.toString());
FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().addMessage(null, msg);



  • Now on click of button all attributes of Departments ViewObject are shown in FacesMessage, you can use it in your code
Iterating ViewObject

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