Bug in ADF 11g R2- Transient and Bind Valiable of Timestamp type

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This is a bug in ADF 11g R2, and sometimes so much annoying for the developer.

Bug Is-

  • Suppose you have created business components for Employees table of HR Schema, there is HireDate in Employees table, see it in EntityObject-


  • Now go to the source and see, it is of type oracle.jbo.domain.Timestamp (default java representation of Timestamp database data type )


  • Now go to Employees ViewObject and create a transient variable for DOB(Date Of Birth)  and select it as Timestamp
  •  Now after this if the developer tries to get or set the value of this transient variable, it shows an exception (java.sql.Timestamp cannot be cast to oracle.jbo.domain.Timestamp)
ADF 11g R2
  •  To solve this error go to Employees ViewObject and select transient attribute and go to the source, see it is of type java.sql.Timestamp
  • Change it to oracle.jbo.domain.Timestamp  and then run it
  • So this is a bug when the developer creates new Transient or Query bind variables of Timestamp type, ADF automatically assigns it java.sql.Timestamp

Always check it when using JDeveloper 11gR2

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