Conditional Execution of Model level Validation- Oracle ADF

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You all know about ADF model level validation, we can apply a variety of validation on the model (Entity Object), as for length, compare, key, regular expression, script and unique key etc.

I am not going to describe the whole process for model layer validation, for a detailed tutorial on EO level validation see –Dynamic (parameterize) EO level validation using message token
Now see how we can execute these validations conditionally –

  • When we apply unique key validation on Entity Object- this window appears-
Model level Validation
  • Now go to Validation Execution and write your condition in given box for that you want to execute validation


  • Now go to Failure Handling tab and write your failure handling message, and you are done
  • Now run your application and see how validation executes for your condition
  • this functionality is really helpful and sometimes avoids writing lot of managed bean code


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