Bing language Translation API integration with Java- microsoft-translator-java-api

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Google Translation is very popular and widely used for language translation as it is now paid service,
so I came to know about Microsoft Translator (Bing language Translation API), it is providing free API up to 2000,000 character/Month to translate.

Bing language Translation API

Key features and point-

  • Provides Java wrapper around Microsoft translator (Bing language Translation API)
  • Developed as an alternative to Google Translator
  • Follow coding standard, naming, functionality and usage patterns of widely used google translation API

This is very simple to use – Follow steps

package translation;

import com.memetix.mst.language.Language;
import com.memetix.mst.translate.Translate;

public class MicrosoftTranslator {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

Translate.setClientId("secret client id");
Translate.setClientSecret("secret key");

String translatedText = Translate.execute("hello", Language.ENGLISH, Language.FRENCH);


  • Enter your key and id in code, you can change language with the available list, and run this code
  • To use this in the web application, you must handle SSL certificate

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