Invoking Button Action Programmatically,Queue Action Event in ADF

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Sometimes we need to invoke any button’s action in bean without pressing that button,
as you have to call button action on any component’s value change Listener- So how to do this in ADF managed bean.
ADF provides facility to queue action event one after another, means you can perform multiple actions by queueing

I am using bounded task flow with page fragments(.jsff)

    • Create a button in page fragment and define ActionListener in the managed bean
    • Now I have created an input text and its valueChangeListener in the managed bean
    • I wish to call button’ ActionListener in my input text valueChangeListener.

    • we can do this by writing this code snippet on valueChangeListener 
public void callAceVCE(ValueChangeEvent vce) {
if (vce.getNewValue() != null) {
//Code to call ActionEvent
FacesContext facesContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
UIViewRoot root = facesContext.getViewRoot();
/**Pass cb1(buttonId) if page is not in taskflow, else if page is inside region then pass rgionid:buttonId*/
RichCommandButton button = (RichCommandButton)root.findComponent(“r1:cb1”);
ActionEvent actionEvent = new ActionEvent(button);


  • Now run your page and when you will change input text value the queued button actionListener will be called
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