Add Serial No in Table in ADF, Auto Increment column in ADF table

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ADF provides an easy way to add auto increment column in the table to make Serial No. or Sequence Column for the table, that’s value autoincrements with no.of rows in the table. Here in this post, I am going to show that how to add serial no in table in ADF
You have to follow these steps to do this.

  • Go to table properties (property Inspector) and set VarStatus to vs


set varStatus of af:table to vs
  •  Now add a column in the table and drop an output text inside this newly added column
Add new column to af:table to show serial number for each row
  • Select output text and Go to its property inspector and set value to #{vs.index+1} as it is selected in Expression Builder by going through-

using varStatus we can access various built in function like index,count etc
  • You have done now run your page and you can see a serial no. column
Add serial no in table in ADF
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