Uncommitted/Unsaved Data Warning on page Navigation-Oracle ADF

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When we visit some websites and try to close the browser tab, it shows warning message like this image, In ADF We can show the same type of browser message for unsaved data warning

Unsaved data warning 
To do this in Oracle ADF you have to do nothing complex, if you are using .jspx then it is so simple.
  1. Select af:document from page structure and go to property inspector, now set UncommitedDataWarning option to on.
    af:document tag in Oracle ADF


    UncommittedDataWarning property in ADF
    Now when you have uncommitted data in your page and you want to navigate yo other page or want to close the same page it will show a message
    When Navigate to another page and page has Uncommitted Data

    Warning Message when there is unsaved data on page
    When trying to close tab and page has Uncommitted Data-
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